A life remembered, a year on…

Gorgeous Grandma

It’s been a year today since you left the physical world,

We remember and miss you in our laughter, tears and sharing of memories.

We shared a meal consisting of one of your favourite foods and invited you to the table.

You blessed us with your presence, we felt your spirit as the meal unfurled,

We felt your love, remembered you with smiles and felt your energy,

We are grateful for your presence and spiritual assistance that has been enabled.

Your spirit is ever present, watching over us, protecting us always,

Feeling your ever present care, kindness and compassion.

We celebrate your life and remember you with fondness.

You live in our hearts, thoughts, words and actions,

As the day comes to an end, we realise you are ever present in our conscious,

Your life is remembered and kept alive in our hearts, minds and words today and everyday.


Photo by Irina on Unsplash

I’ve been busy with life so have been MIA on WordPress for a while. I am juggling a few commitments – work, study, family and building my business as well as writing a book, amongst other things! I am prioritising my time accordingly and am slowly putting things into place. When I’ve settled into my new routine, I will be able to allocate some time to WordPress and blogging – something I miss at the moment.

Thanks so much for the support with likes and follows, as always I do read and follow back albeit it currently may take me longer to do so. I am always grateful that my writing resonates with those who read my posts. I will be back, however more randomly because I enjoy reading your adventures, creative writing and expressions. I hope to be less MIA in due time. Until then, remember to Laugh.Love.Live! Peace and blessings!



Image credit: pixabay.com

Just a quick shout out to my followers – thanks so much, I have reached over 200 follows! It’s reassuring to know that my posts are read and resonate with you all. Thank you to those who have also engaged with my blog by leaving comments – much appreciated! When I started blogging (it has been 6 years to date!), I wasn’t sure how my blog would unfold but it soon took shape and I am continually inspired by fellow bloggers who provide encouragement with their ‘likes’ and ‘follows’. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy lives to read and follow my humble blog and also than you for sharing your experiences, knowledge, ideas, creativity and thoughts via your blogs! Due to work/ study commitments as well as family and extra curricular commitments, I may take a while but I eventually read and follow back those who comment, like or follow my posts. Continue to Laugh.Love.Live via your own blogging experiences – peace and blessings!



From the city of fountains to a coastal escape!


As we left Rome, we were excited to start the next phase of our trip which was to relax, rejuvenate and rest. My good friend who went to Italy a few years ago, said that if we are going to Italy then we have to go there – ‘there’ is Positano! We organised to fly to Naples which was humorous in itself as we didn’t realise how quick the flight would be – it was a 45 minute flight and no sooner had we made our ascent, then the pilot announced that we were on our descent! We landed in Naples airport and headed out to meet our driver. It was probably a good hour and a half drive. It was nice to sit and take in the sights as we drive through Naples and headed down and up the winding roads to Positano.

We were staying in Montepertuso which literally translates to hole in the mountain. Our apartment was just underneath that ‘hole’. We had seen the photo taken from the balcony in the booking and it looked amazing, we were excited to arrive and unwind. We arrived before the apartment had been finished cleaning so the daughter of our host, Teresa advised us to go to town centre, which was 5 minutes walk away. She recommended we try Il Ritrovo, it was in Piazza Capella. We walked to the town centre and found Montepertuso to be a quaint little town. There is a general store which we frequented to buy food and supplies during our stay and bus tickets. The restaurant was easy to find, it was the main one there and only one open for lunch which made it an easy choice!

We were seated on the balcony which had wonderful views over the Tyrrhenian Sea. We had glimpses of the amazing view when we arrived at our apartment and along our walk to the Montepertuso town centre. We had a lovely lunch, the restaurant uses all local, fresh produce and the food is very good. We felt relaxed already as we sat and enjoyed the view, the lovely food and the friendly atmosphere at Il Ritrovo. When we finished lunch, our waiter gave us some mixed herbs and dried chilli to take away which came in handy when I cooked dinner a few times during our stay. After lunch we headed back to our apartment to check in, change and head down to Positano Centre.

The bus ride to Positano Centro was a harrowing experience for the uninitiated! It was nail biting as the bus driver navigated the narrow roads where at times, you could reach out the window and touch the side of the mountain! We give the bus drivers much credit as they all navigated the mountainside with ease. At times, you wondered how two cars could fit alongside each other to pass but it happened without incident. The bus stop was at the street which was above our apartment and due every hour. You could buy bus tickets on the bus for 1.30 euro but if we purchased them from a newsagent or at the general store, it was a little cheaper at 1.10 euro. We found out that you could buy as many as you needed in advance as they were one way tickets so we would buy 6 or 9 at a time for the 3 of us. We had no idea once we were dropped off at the bus stop at the Positano Town Centre, which way it was to the beach but we rationalised that we should keep walking down.

As we walked, we passed may shops, markets and the iconic church of Santa Maria Assunta right in the town centre. We didn’t stop to admire much during this walk as we wanted to get to the water to have our first glimpse of the beach and fit in a quick swim for the afternoon. When we arrived, we were not disappointed by the beauty of our surrounds.

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Our first day at Positano and Montepertuso exceeded our expectations. Our host was a lovely man named Raffaele who lived in a nearby apartment as did his daughter, Teresa and her family. Teresa speaks English and helped us with directions, communication and organising a boat trip to Capri on her Father’s boat on our last day in Montepertuso. More about that later. We learnt from our balcony, we could see the island Il Galli – it is privately owned and is the one that looks like a dolphin from the air. Being a private island, you are unable to visit but we were told by Teresa that it has beautiful villas on there and you can see it from the air. I’ve included a picture I found on the internet as some of you may be familiar with it.

Li Galli

Li Galli – picture courtesy of Golden Tours Sorrento

We headed back up through the town after our afternoon swim to catch the bus back to Montepertuso. There is only one bus and the bus stop is right above our doorstep so it was very easy to catch the bus to and from Positano town centre. There is also the option to walk to and from Positano Centro down the many flights of steps and back up – we were advised it would take about 45 minutes either way but we decided the bus trip, although a nail biting experience at times, was an easier alternative with my daughter in tow.

The next day we decided to spend a full day in Positano, after breakfast we headed up to the street (which was up 5 flights of stairs) to get the bus. We did a lot of walking even though we took the bus up and down to Positano Centro! We decided we would relax and enjoy the beach, have lunch and just soak up the sunshine and atmosphere at the main beach. This was our down time, family time at our happy place – beachside and we were savouring every moment!

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We had a couple of days where it was Wake up, eat, beach, sleep, repeat! Then one day we decided to hop on a ferry to explore Amalfi. There are many ferries you can catch from Positano at various times and prices. We walked out to the ferry wharf to find out what time the ferry was due to depart and we were lucky that there was one leaving fairly soon. We bought our tickets and waited to board, we had no expectations and just wanted to see where the day took us. The ferry ride was amazing, we loved seeing the coastline as we sailed down the Amalfi Coast from Positano. We arrived at Amalfi, not knowing what we would do other than wanting to see Grotto Esmeraldo.

When we got off the ferry, there were people asking people to join a boat to go to the grotto, as it was what we wanted to do – we got onto the boat, paid our 15 euros and we were off! It all happened very quickly, no sooner were we off one boat, then we were aboard another! The trip to the grotto was quick, we unloaded and waited at the entrance to the grotto. It cost 5 euro for the tour of the cave – it is one cave and has the nativity scene submerged under the water. There are plenty of stalactites hanging from the ceiling of the cave and due to the refraction of light, the water looks emerald. It was a very quick tour of the cave before we were waiting for the boat to return and take us back to Amalfi. Once we arrived back at Amalfi, we grabbed some lunch near the wharf, then walked into the town centre to explore.

It was such a beautiful little town to explore, markets, stores, we saw the Duomo di Sant’Andrea in all it’s glory. We ate delicious arancini, roamed the streets, taking it all in and found at the end of the main street in the piazza, the Fontana cap e ciuccio. It is an unusual decorated fountain basin which was originally used to refresh the local donkeys who had pulled carts from nearby villages. We enjoyed this spontaneous day trip and we planned to have a couple more before we left the Amalfi Coast.

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Another day trip we decided to do was Sorrento. We arrived to the port and made our way up to the town centre. It was a maze of streets, markets, rows and rows of stores and was very busy. We walked around, looking the Basilica di Sant Antonino which was beautiful and walked to a vantage point to take in the view. We had a lovely lunch in a restaurant down by the marina during the infamous Sorrento Summer storms before heading back to Positano. We weren’t that impressed by Sorrento – we found there were rows of shops and not much else. We spoke to another couple waiting for the same return ferry to Positano and they shared the same sentiment. We were glad to have experienced it for ourselves, although we now wish we had visited Ravello instead. It will have to wait for another time!

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We spent Father’s Day at Positano, having lunch at a restaurant with great views a little further from the main beach, called Ristorante Lo Guarracino. The food was amazing and was a great way to celebrate Father’s day while away! We explored walking around from the restaurant to a little beach further up, taking in the gorgeous views and enjoying the scenic walk. It was a spontaneous exploration where we uncovered a great walking track, having our own little adventure! We were liking our stay here at Positano more each day, always something amazing to discover!

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On our last day, it was nice enough to go out on the boat trip to Capri. We were excited to be able to take the trip because we had booked a different boat trip but due to the storm a day earlier, it was cancelled and our deposit refunded. Initially, we were supposed to share the boat with two other people but we were lucky to have it to ourselves for the day. The weather was beautiful, sunny and calm seas – it was an amazing way to end our week in Positano. We toured along the Positano coast then headed out to Capri. The sea was calm, the sun was shining, there were no clouds or rain in sight! We sailed under the famous arch of Il Faraglioni where we were advised that it was good luck to kiss your sweetheart as you pass undderneath, which we happily obliged!

Raffaele gave us a tour around the island of Capri before we disembarked. We had lunch at Ristorante Lo Zodiaco, it was a lovely place to eat lunch by the water and helped my daughter to feel better as she had gotten a little seasick as we travelled across from Positano. We wanted to see the blue grotto but when we bought tickets, the man said “if it is open”. When were we aboard the boat, we were advised that due to the storm a couple of days ago, it wasn’t open but we still enjoyed the boat trip – we love being in and around water.

We returned to peruse the markets along the marina, unfortunately we didn’t have time to go up to the gardens due to the time taken to see if the blue grotto was open but we still enjoyed the day – we knew we would return one day. On the return trip to Positano, Raffaele stopped the boat in the bay of a small beach. It is only accessible by boat and we jumped into the clear aqua waters of the Tyrrhenian sea! It was the  highlight of our trip. We swam to the beach, walked along the beach before heading back into the water to swim back to the boat. I languished in the sea a little longer, not wanting the day to end. The water was so refreshing and clear, it was such a treat and a great way to cap off our week in Positano!

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We hope you enjoyed Positano and the Amalfi coast as much as we did – we hope to return to explore more of the area and see places we didn’t get to visit this time around. Our ‘places to go’ list seems to grow each day! We definitely felt relaxed and rejuvenated after a week here. It was a priority to Laugh.Love.Live during our time here and we looked forward to visiting a few more places in the eternal city before heading home. I’ll leave with a few pictures of us exploring Montepertuso, the main piazza, the Chiesa Santa Maria delle Grazie and the “Pierced rock” where the legend states that Mother Mary fought with the devil ( in Serpent form) and won. Mother Mary pierced the rock with her finger as a sign of her everlasting presence here – what a great legend! Peace and Blessings!

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Double Deckers, wizards and just rocks!

Our first stop on our European adventure was London, we travelled to Heathrow Airport via Singapore – another place we have yet to visit but that will have to wait for another time! We left in the afternoon and arrived already tired and travel worn in Singapore for a 3 hour stopover. It wasn’t pleasant trying to stay awake when all you wanted to do was sleep but we explored Changi Airport seeing the food halls and a bit of souvenir shopping. We boarded our flight to Heathrow and promptly fell asleep for a few hours which was just what we needed, only trouble is we woke up about 5-6 hours later and still had another 8-9 hours to go!

We finally arrived in Heathrow at 7.45am in the morning, excited but tired. It felt surreal to be standing there on the other side of the world! We made our way to the Underground station to catch the tube to the apartment which would be our home away from home in South London. Catching the tube was also a mini adventure for us – it was something I thought I’d never experience and yet here we were doing just that! We were already enjoying being in England, albeit very tired!

After asking for directions , we found we had to change lines to get to our line which was the Bakerloo line – when we asked for directions,  we were given a map of the Underground network which became very handy during the coming week. We found the transport staff to be very helpful while we were finding our way around for the first day or two. Once we knew the stop, direction and lines – we were travelling around London like locals!

We arrived at our stop and found our way to the correct exit which was 5 minutes away from the apartment. The first thing we were excited to see when we were walking on the streets were the red double decker buses which are quintessentially London! There are things that we relate to a country – the red double decker buses and black taxi cabs were the things we related to London and were excited to see! We checked into our apartment and were very excited with our view from the 30th floor!

We were able to relax a little before heading off for the first item on our itinerary – the Warner Bros Harry Potter movie studio tour! My daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan and very excited to start our adventure there. After a little hiccup in the directions provided by our concierge, we found our way to the correct underground line and stop, making it in time for the bus! Luckily we left earlier which gave us plenty of time even though we had headed in the wrong direction!

Even the bus was exciting to see as we lined up waiting to board – it added to the anticipation! The bus ride was about an hour and a half, as the studio tour is located 20 miles north-west of London in Leavesden. We were advised the tour would take 3 hours and would have some free time after the tour to visit the shop and cafe before our departure. Harry Potter was the highlight for my daughter during our visit to England. It was amazing to see the props, sets and costumes used in the films. We were able to board the Hogwart’s Express, walk through 4 Privett Drive, see the Knight Bus, the Pensieve, Dumbledore’s office, the Gryffindor Common room and so much more! For Harry Potter fans, we found this an amazing experience!

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After the tour, we visited the cafe and shop for a few choice purchases that my daughter had already advised she’d like to make when we booked the tour – which was before we even left home! We left the tour excited and animated at what we had just experienced, it helped keep our jetlag at bay for the day. I was advised by friends to go out and not sleep during the day no matter how tempting it was to help us adjust to the local time there. We all crashed that night by 9.30pm and slept for about 11-13 hours! Luckily we didn’t have anything booked until after lunch the next day!

We woke up late morning feeling quite refreshed. We self catered for breakfast which we found to be cheaper and easier being in an apartment with a shopping centre just across the road. We found the quality of food we bought when out and about in London to be sub-par and quite expensive! That was the only drawback visiting London. Today we were heading to Buckingham Palace for the tour of the State Rooms – a dear friend advised to visit them and we were glad we did. Such amazing rooms, decor and art viewed as we wandered through! It was also the perfect day to do something indoors as it was typical London weather – wet and cold even though it was summer! We recommend it if visiting in summer as it is only open for about 8-10 weeks and worth the visit!

Our next day trip was my highlight of our visit to England – Bath and Stonehenge. It was an early start but so worth it! The city of Bath was our first taste of European architecture and cobblestone streets – so pretty! We visited the Roman Baths and after being to Rome, could see the Roman influence had spread across many of the countries we visited. Roman architecture is ornate and beautiful – decorated arches, domes and statues dominate.

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A colleague of mine asked where we were going in England and when I mentioned Stonehenge, she said “they’re just rocks”! I found it amazing to be in such an historical place where the true nature is still a mystery! There are “theories” to consider and I feel it is up to you to decide which one you decide fits. I sent my colleague some photos and she admitted that it did look pretty amazing.


For the next two days, we toured London via the Hop on Hop off bus which was great to see the city from a different perspective! We visited Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the Tower of London, St.Paul’s cathedral and Westminster Abbey. We were also fortunate to catch the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace!

Madame Tussaud’s wax museum was a bit of fun – it was also my daughter’s choice and was excited when she saw her favourite actress. We enjoyed seeing some iconic wax statues and historical figures.

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The next morning we visited the Tower of London, it is great – so much history and the Crown Jewels are a must see! A tip when visiting is to arrive for opening which is at 9am and head straight to the crown jewels to avoid the long queues! There were so many jewels and gold items – bling galore and worth a visit! The Tower of London has quite a macabre history especially the Bloody Tower! I feel learning  ‘live history’ makes it all the more fascinating and interesting then reading it from a book. All in all, it was fascinating to learn history in a live environment – would recommend a visit if you are visiting London for the first time. We also caught a ferry ride on the Thames clippers from the Tower of London to Westminster which was an added extra that we enjoyed!

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We took a train ride to St. Alban’s which is a beautiful city where a dear Uncle spent his early childhood. It is a beautiful city, we had brunch there, roamed the markets in the town square and visited the St. Alban’s cathedral which was quite impressive. We were surprised to find Roman influence in this city too which is about 30 mins away from London.

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We also caught up with my cousin and his family while we were in London which is lovely. It’s always nice to be able to catch up with family especially since we live so far from each other, it was nice for both our families to meet! They live in South England about an hour away from London so we appreciated them travelling in to meet us for lunch and enjoyed the afternoon with them before we left.

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We visited Covent Garden, Chinatown, Southbank, Big Ben, Borough Market, Platform 9&3/4 at Kings Cross station – we felt we visited and did so much, but also felt we could have easily visited more places. We took a mental note for a return trip in the future!

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We had a wonderful time in London and felt we could have easily stayed a little longer. Although a little sad to leave, we were excited to embark on the next part of our European adventure – catching the Eurostar to Belgium! We loved the fact that you could be in a different country in just 2 hours! In Australia, we travel 5 hours across the country and we’re still in the same country – just in another state! We also found St. Pancras International train station to be a beautiful building. As it was our first visit, we had plans for each day except one or two – it was a busy week but so much fun! Our main aim was sightseeing – taking in as much as we could to Laugh. Love. Live each moment! We look forward to returning to see more of England in the future. Hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride on the first leg of our European Adventure! Peace and blessings!

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Easter Sojourn

For the last three years, our family has been fortunate to be able to getaway for Easter to visit family. The last two years has been difficult since my dear Uncle passed away just days before Easter two years ago. I feel drawn to spend the time with my Aunty who is still grieving and is trying to live her life since his passing. Each time we have visited and stayed with my Aunty, I feel my Uncle’s spirit and we have a restful, relaxing time – enjoying each other’s company as well as remembering some happier memories of my Uncle and the times we spent together. It has also been nice to hear more stories of the love and life my Aunt and Uncle shared for 46 years.

This year, our family really appreciated the break and time to get away and relax. We are grateful to my Aunty for allowing us to visit and stay with her. My Aunty is a great cook and enjoys cooking meals, inviting family and friends over for dinner. It is always nice to enjoy and share great food, conversation and laugh together. I feel this provides great comfort for us at this time of year.

We also have two sets of friends who live in Victoria who we try to catch up with each year we have been down. Luckily for us, we have been able to see one couple for the last 3 years. Our other friend, we’ve been able to catch up for one of the years but not the last two. We’ll need to organise something at another time. This year, my Aunt’s friends took us to Mentone . We enjoy visiting new places and my Aunt’s friends shared a little about the history of the area. We visited a beach house gallery where my Aunt has some of her watercolour paintings for sale. We were able to view her artwork alongside the owner’s artwork, other local artists and handmade jewelry. It is nice to see and appreciate creativity.

We were told that the Heidelberg School was coined here where Australian Impressionist artists including Arthur Streeton, Frederick McCubbin, Tom Roberts & Charles Conder painted and sketched ‘en plein air’ – ‘in the open air’ of Australia, particularly Melbourne and it’s surrounds.


We walked along the coast from Mentone to Beaumaris. It was so peaceful and beautiful to see the cliffs, coastline and beaches as we walked. It was also interesting to see the local flora and fauna in the area. We visited a rocky ledge where many fossils are still found today. We were told by my Aunt’s friends that there used to be a forest that went kilometres out to sea but is now mainly rocks and cliffs. There is still petrified wood to be found which are the reminders of the ancient forest that once dwelled there. We enjoyed exploring the rock pools, discovering different forms of sea life.

We also saw a beautiful old building that used to be the Great Southern Hotel which has now been converted into luxury apartments. The original building facade has been renovated keeping it’s original design but newer structures have been added on either side which I feel, takes away from the original beauty. Below are pictures of the original building and the new renovated apartments.

It was a relaxing trip and one we were appreciative to be able to enjoy and share with friends and family. I feel my Uncle’s calming yet mischievous spirit was with us as we relaxed and enjoyed the break. We left feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful and grateful to be able to visit somewhere new. It is a reminder to enjoy life, the simple things and to remember to Laugh, Love, Live! Remembering my Uncle’s life, seeing the love my Aunt still has for him and enjoying time where he lived before his passing is a reminder that he is always with us and our love and memories of my Uncle means he is always with us in spirit. He is forever in our hearts. It was lovely to be away and I felt we could have stayed there longer. However, as the plane headed back to Sydney, flying over the CBD and Sydney Harbour (which is a view I never tire of) – it felt good to be home! Sydney is my Uncle’s favourite city even though he visited, lived and worked in many around the world! Peace and blessings – I hope you also had a relaxing, peaceful and restful Easter.

Gratitude Moment!


Recently I had a need for a Graphic Designer, in my line of work I have worked with and have access to Graphic Designers but this was not related to a work client. This piece of work was where I would be the client. I reached out to a good friend who is a successful Marketing Director to ask advice. He advised what information I needed to provide to the graphic designer so they would know what I needed and what applications I would need it for.

I have a cousin who would know someone or even he could do the work but wanted to see if I could use someone closer at hand as he is based in the UK. I reached out to my sister who lives interstate to see if she knew anyone who would be willing to take on the work and provide some quotes. I wrote an email with all the details required to assist with the work involved and the applications for the work.




My sister reached out to one of two friends by forwarding my email, this friend was not interested in taking on my request so I asked if she could try with her other friend. He was such a delight to deal with and made the process so easy! He asked that I pay it forward and I feel this post is one of the ways I can do so. I have previously written about paying it forward and being grateful – I’m a firm believer that the energy you put out, will be the same energy you receive. I am very grateful to my sister and her friend for their assistance and if you are ever in the need of a Graphic/ Web Designer, please look him up. A link to his website is below:


Please feel free to recommend or contact Steve if you or someone you know require his services. Steve has done a great job for the piece of work I required and highly recommend him. His assistance is greatly appreciated! Continue to Laugh, Love, Live and share the love! Peace and Blessings!

The end of the year is nigh!



So, here it is again folks! The last month of the year and it seems that we are facing it again with surprise – where did the year go? At times, this year felt like it was never going to end and now that we’ve almost reached the end, at times it is hard to believe that it is nearly over! This year has been interesting to say the least and 2017 will bring with it new challenges and opportunities. The year ahead will bring as much love, joy, happiness, peace and good health that is radiated outwards. Let’s hope that the good karma is magnified to overcome the adverse accoutrements that are hanging around! May you Laugh, Love, Live until the end of the year and beyond – Peace and blessings!

Being a tourist…



I love being a tourist in any country – exploring and having adventures. It makes things so exciting when you are not sure what to expect or what treasures you may find. What I also love is being a tourist in my home city. I never tire of our beautiful harbour and am very appreciative of the beauty and wonder all around – no matter how many times I visit! I feel that just because you may live or visit that city frequently – there is always something new to discover! I feel very grateful to work in such a beautiful city.

For this past week, I’ve been appreciating the beauty around me and seeing the city with appreciative wonder. There are many things that are constantly changing and things that remain the same but yet different at the same time! There are little nuances that pop up according to seasons, celebrations or promotions and it keeps things interesting. In the southern hemisphere, it is approaching our summer and there is a different cruise ship every day docked at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. There have been passengers coming and going everyday creating an even greater buzz at the Overseas Passenger Terminal and the train station!

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I have been enjoying the many sights and surrounds as I take my daily lunchtime walks snapping pictures as I wonder around. Have you looked around your city as though your were a tourist? Have you appreciated what you have around you and what many people travel the world to see? I sometimes wonder if we fully appreciate the fact that we have access to a world tourist site on a regular basis? I urge you to go out and be curious, be adventurous, appreciate what you have and remember that things could always be worse! Laugh, love, live – enjoy the beauty that surrounds you – it is always present if only you take the time to notice! Peace and blessings!


Treasure special people



Do you have special people in your life that you know you would miss if they were not around anymore? I am fortunate to have some very special people in my life, past and present who have influenced or currently influence my thoughts and actions. I feel I am lucky to have some great people in my life – I am grateful for their love, guidance and influence in my life even though at times I may not have realised it at the time.

I am a big believer in karma and realise that in my youth, I have been ungrateful and selfish but am thankful for those who did stick by me and continued to guide and help me to become a better person. I am still on the journey and glad to be working towards becoming a better me. I’ve realised that projecting positive energy guarantees positive energy coming back – at other times, when the energy is not positive then I feel that it may be trying to teach me something I haven’t yet mastered.

I hope that you have the pleasure of special people in your life to love and guide you – even if you don’t realise it at the time. When you do, please remember to thank these special people for their love and guidance – in a way that you feel best suits the situation or person. If they are no longer in your life, you can still send out a message of thanks for that person who has influenced you in the form of a prayer or mantra – however you feel best suits.

I hope these special people help you live your life the best way you can, reminding you to:

  • love yourself and others – that it’s the little things/ moments which are important,
  • laugh – at yourself, finding humour when things become difficult, applying humour -reminding you not to take yourself so seriously at times and,
  • practice empathy.

I feel that people who enable you to Laugh, Love, Live! are often the best kind of people and sometimes have been there all along without you even realising. I hope to express gratitude to the special people in my life through my words and actions towards them continually. These people are usually supportive, encouraging, positive people who provide you with constructive criticism. I find that you are able to reflect on their feedback to see what/ how you can apply it to blossom authentically into your own person.



Think about the special people in your life – who are they? Have you realised who they are? Do they know they are special to you? How can you thank them and let them know they are cherished? Remember, the little things matter the most – a kind word, a smile, a note, an email, a card or just say ‘thanks’. Whenever you remember and however you express your gratitude, may be the best thing that person may have heard/ received all day! Peace and blessings!

thanks for someone special.jpg