It’s been a while…

I’ve been on my learning journey now for two years, consuming a lot of my time. Although it has been challenging to juggle work, family and studies, it has also been immensely rewarding and enjoyable. One thing I do miss is being able to plan and write a post on my blog, so I am taking a bit of time out…pressing pause on studying so I can write this post. It’s been a crazy year due to the pandemic – there has been so much but also so little happening in our lives. It has been a disruptive year in many ways, yet also been a good year in other ways. What’s so good about it do you ask? Well, for me, being able to work from home helps me balance my work/study/family commitments so much easier – travel time is not consuming my productive time.

I have been fortunate to work from home on many occasions, but not to this extent. I find myself more productive and able to achieve more without time spent travelling each morning and evening to and from an office location. I don’t miss the hectic days of trying to fit so much into the day. Don’t get me wrong, there are drawbacks to spending all day, every day at home with other family members working and studying – it can overwhelm you at times. However, I find walking the dog and getting outdoors, feeling the sunshine or cool breeze helps clear your mind, get the body moving and blood pumping. I empathise with those who have struggled mentally being in lock-down. It is hard when choice is taken away from you, things you took for granted – being able to see friends, family, see a movie, a concert or go out at any time to exercise. I have struggled with anxiety and depression so can empathise with the mental challenges of lock-down. When our state was required to be in isolation for a period of 8 weeks and with travel within the state restricted, I found that tough, let alone a full lock-down experience.

What I think we need to realise is once a virus is in the community, it is not going to be quickly eradicated. The flu virus has been around for years and each year there is a new strain as it evolves to survive. This will probably be similar for the Corona virus and wearing a mask, social distancing, washing our hands to keep ourselves and vulnerable members of the community safe will become the new normal for a while yet. I feel it is easier to accept it is here, do the things we need to do to keep ourselves and loved ones safe as well as those who are more vulnerable – the better we can return to the new normal. I feel our brains need to shift perspective to accept it is here and not going away as quickly as we hope. I am aware everyone has their opinions, perspectives and thoughts on this and that is fine. I am just sharing one – whether you agree or not, is fine. It isn’t right or wrong, just different and we are all different and how this virus may affect any of us may also be different. I feel what we can do, is have empathy, compassion and understanding of these differences because as my mum says “we’re all human, if you cut me and you – we all bleed the same red blood”.

As humans, we are good at adapting, it just may take a while but we have the ability to do so. It’s something humans have been doing for centuries – adapting to circumstances and environments. As research states, humans have biological plasticity – the ability to adapt biologically to our environment. We are also capable of cultural adaptions and adaptations vary in duration, can happen at any time and can be short or long-term (lumen: cultural anthropology). I feel this adaptation may take us a little while to get used to and accept. Until then, please stay safe and well so you can continue to Laugh.Love.Live. We are stronger together, rather than divided. Well, it’s back to my studies now before a break at the end of the year. Namaste.


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