Memories of you

Photo by Damon On Road on Unsplash

It’s been five years since your passing,

Many things remind me of you.

When I see a sailing boat, I am reminded of you,

A butterfly flying by, reminds me of you.

The Sydney to Hobart yacht race on boxing day each year, is a reminder of you,

Manly beach, Australia, reminds me of you.

Each time I eat fresh figs, it reminds me of you,

Sydney harbour as well as Brighton, Melbourne are reminders of you.

These may be little things, but they all evoke memories of you,

You may have left the physical world but these reminders keep you alive… in my heart, my thoughts, day-to-day,

Memories of you, each and every day – especially today.

Photo of sailing boat on Sydney Harbour, taken 22 July 2018


  1. ritu thakre · May 27

    Nice post.
    picture is very beautiful.
    thanks for sharing us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tigre23 · May 28

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your lovely comments. Losing a loved one is difficult for all those involved, finding solace by expressing feelings in words often helps me. Peace and blessings!


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