Education Death Valley

I am sharing a TED talk that I recently watched because it resonates with me and also because I have been having conversations with people about how the conventional/ traditional education system does not suit every child. In adult education, we facilitate learning using different techniques based on the research that we all learn differently and tend to favour a specific learning style or a combination of learning styles be it Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic.

I have come across adults with a fear of classroom learning based on their childhood learning experiences and I find this quite sad. I’ve had to adjust some activities I do in my facilitated sessions based on this, for example, in my early days I used to ask for volunteers to read a part of the learning material we were using during the session until a mature lady pulled aside after a session and asked me privately if I could refrain from asking her to read during a session as she had a fear of reading aloud because of her school experiences. Since then, I ask people to read the content on their own within a time-frame and then ask if any clarification is required. I feel it should be the same with school learning, observations and research have been completed that support the need for change, it would benefit children to ensure school education is designed to meet children’s learning needs across a wider spectrum than the traditional classroom/ rote learning.

I have read articles where schools in Finland provide holistic education that benefits the students resulting in academic excellence but they do not focus only on academics. I saw a video of a Japanese kindergarten whose classroom is outdoors so it encourages play and activity in children’s learning which is very important as younger children learn through play. There has been open classroom learning implemented in schools here in Australia, with limited success due to lack of resources/ training. My daughter thrived in the open learning curriculum as her school introduced it after she had started, I was open to the concept and waited to see how my daughter would be affected. I feel it may be better implemented given more resources, time and training.

The TED talk focuses on the fact that the traditional school system does not foster a creative learning environment. It encourages creativity but also shoots it down at the same time. My daughter has experienced this in school and I have felt that sometimes schools should let children be more creative and do more to encourage their imagination. I understand there needs to be a curriculum but maybe it’s the curriculum that needs to be tweaked.

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts once you have viewed the TED talk (the link is provided below). I feel that our children – our youth are our future and investment in youth is important as they become our future leaders. Creativity, imagination, play, music, art, mindfulness, tolerance, acceptance, gardening, sustainability and compassion (and much more) are also important to a child’s education as are maths, english and science. This provides a balanced view for children to grow into adults who will Laugh. Love. Live. What are your thoughts? Peace and blessings!




  1. Plectrumm · April 5

    Sir Ken Robinson is spot on with his assessment of our “Industrial Revolution” based educational system as lacking what children actually need today to thrive.


    • tigre23 · April 6

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Thanks also for the ‘follow’ – Peace and blessings! 🙂


  2. binisun · April 4

    I couldn’t open your link, yet, i agree with your views and article. I feel that with creativity, we can also improve what are considered traditional subjects. Subjects can complete each other instead of being compared. Music, paintings, Art, according to me, are definitely precious and divine outlets which can help the kids and grown ups to convey their emotions and find balance in their life. 🙂


    • tigre23 · April 4

      Apologies, I have fixed the link. Thanks for advising me. I feel holistic education will contribute to children’s learning, growth and learning styles preparing them for life rather than passing exams. Exams measure only a small part of someone’s abilities. A lot of things cannot be measured but experienced. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I hope you are able to watch the video link now. Peace and blessings! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • tigre23 · April 4

      Thanks also for the ‘like’ and ‘follow’. Look forward to seeing more of yours! And hopefully some beautiful music! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • binisun · April 6

        Thank you!! Your blog and energy are really interesting so it’s a pleasure to follow and read you too. Thanks for fixing the link. Have a beautiful day! As you say, let’s make beautiful things happen! 🙂


        • tigre23 · April 6

          Thanks binisun, I hope you enjoyed the TED talk. Have a great day and weekend! Definitely, making beautiful things happen is much better than the alternate! Peace and blessings! 🙂

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  3. stylethatright · March 16

    A brave and important topic that we should discuss with utmost importance. Schooling do needs a change and it is from us where the beginning of charge can start.

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