European Adventure


I haven’t posted in a while because I was busy fulfilling the quote above! Our little family was fortunate enough to visit Europe for the first time and enjoyed some amazing adventures! We travelled to four different countries visiting the capital city along with other cities/ towns where we could. Our original plan was to go somewhere else but a dear friend of mine finally convinced my husband to go! I have wanted to go to Europe (and many other places) all my life and was very excited to finally be able to plan a trip.

I started organising the trip a year in advance – this made the lead up all the more exciting! We originally were only going to 3 countries until another dear friend asked and pointed out that the 4th was on the way to another country we were visiting so I thought, why not? It also enabled us to visit some relatives which I had not seen for 20 years and that my husband and daughter had never met! We were also able to catch up with my cousin and his family in our first destination which was great – it is always great to catch up with family!

The four countries we started planning our itinerary for were:

  • England
  • Belgium (this was the late addition!)
  • France
  • Italy

We felt like we packed a lot in, saw so much and did so much but there was still so much we didn’t get to do but we’ve decided that we’ll return to explore some more another time. I’ll dedicate the following posts to each country that we visited so I can share with you our adventures. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey as much as we did! Even though we took many photos and although they may look stunning – I feel the photos did not do the places justice! The ‘wow’ moment, the first time we saw something for the first time cannot be replicated – it was such an amazing feeling to finally see things that we’d only read, heard or saw from afar! We hope to plan another adventure soon so we can Laugh. Love. Live the experience to the fullest! We learnt so much history, culture and also about ourselves along the way! Life is an adventure, a fun adventure that is best shared with loved ones. Where will your next adventure take you?

Travel far enough



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