Easter Sojourn

For the last three years, our family has been fortunate to be able to getaway for Easter to visit family. The last two years has been difficult since my dear Uncle passed away just days before Easter two years ago. I feel drawn to spend the time with my Aunty who is still grieving and is trying to live her life since his passing. Each time we have visited and stayed with my Aunty, I feel my Uncle’s spirit and we have a restful, relaxing time – enjoying each other’s company as well as remembering some happier memories of my Uncle and the times we spent together. It has also been nice to hear more stories of the love and life my Aunt and Uncle shared for 46 years.

This year, our family really appreciated the break and time to get away and relax. We are grateful to my Aunty for allowing us to visit and stay with her. My Aunty is a great cook and enjoys cooking meals, inviting family and friends over for dinner. It is always nice to enjoy and share great food, conversation and laugh together. I feel this provides great comfort for us at this time of year.

We also have two sets of friends who live in Victoria who we try to catch up with each year we have been down. Luckily for us, we have been able to see one couple for the last 3 years. Our other friend, we’ve been able to catch up for one of the years but not the last two. We’ll need to organise something at another time. This year, my Aunt’s friends took us to Mentone . We enjoy visiting new places and my Aunt’s friends shared a little about the history of the area. We visited a beach house gallery where my Aunt has some of her watercolour paintings for sale. We were able to view her artwork alongside the owner’s artwork, other local artists and handmade jewelry. It is nice to see and appreciate creativity.

We were told that the Heidelberg School was coined here where Australian Impressionist artists including Arthur Streeton, Frederick McCubbin, Tom Roberts & Charles Conder painted and sketched ‘en plein air’ – ‘in the open air’ of Australia, particularly Melbourne and it’s surrounds.


We walked along the coast from Mentone to Beaumaris. It was so peaceful and beautiful to see the cliffs, coastline and beaches as we walked. It was also interesting to see the local flora and fauna in the area. We visited a rocky ledge where many fossils are still found today. We were told by my Aunt’s friends that there used to be a forest that went kilometres out to sea but is now mainly rocks and cliffs. There is still petrified wood to be found which are the reminders of the ancient forest that once dwelled there. We enjoyed exploring the rock pools, discovering different forms of sea life.

We also saw a beautiful old building that used to be the Great Southern Hotel which has now been converted into luxury apartments. The original building facade has been renovated keeping it’s original design but newer structures have been added on either side which I feel, takes away from the original beauty. Below are pictures of the original building and the new renovated apartments.

It was a relaxing trip and one we were appreciative to be able to enjoy and share with friends and family. I feel my Uncle’s calming yet mischievous spirit was with us as we relaxed and enjoyed the break. We left feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful and grateful to be able to visit somewhere new. It is a reminder to enjoy life, the simple things and to remember to Laugh, Love, Live! Remembering my Uncle’s life, seeing the love my Aunt still has for him and enjoying time where he lived before his passing is a reminder that he is always with us and our love and memories of my Uncle means he is always with us in spirit. He is forever in our hearts. It was lovely to be away and I felt we could have stayed there longer. However, as the plane headed back to Sydney, flying over the CBD and Sydney Harbour (which is a view I never tire of) – it felt good to be home! Sydney is my Uncle’s favourite city even though he visited, lived and worked in many around the world! Peace and blessings – I hope you also had a relaxing, peaceful and restful Easter.


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