Gratitude Moment!


Recently I had a need for a Graphic Designer, in my line of work I have worked with and have access to Graphic Designers but this was not related to a work client. This piece of work was where I would be the client. I reached out to a good friend who is a successful Marketing Director to ask advice. He advised what information I needed to provide to the graphic designer so they would know what I needed and what applications I would need it for.

I have a cousin who would know someone or even he could do the work but wanted to see if I could use someone closer at hand as he is based in the UK. I reached out to my sister who lives interstate to see if she knew anyone who would be willing to take on the work and provide some quotes. I wrote an email with all the details required to assist with the work involved and the applications for the work.



My sister reached out to one of two friends by forwarding my email, this friend was not interested in taking on my request so I asked if she could try with her other friend. He was such a delight to deal with and made the process so easy! He asked that I pay it forward and I feel this post is one of the ways I can do so. I have previously written about paying it forward and being grateful – I’m a firm believer that the energy you put out, will be the same energy you receive. I am very grateful to my sister and her friend for their assistance and if you are ever in the need of a Graphic/ Web Designer, please look him up. A link to his website is below:

Please feel free to recommend or contact Steve if you or someone you know require his services. Steve has done a great job for the piece of work I required and highly recommend him. His assistance is greatly appreciated! Continue to Laugh, Love, Live and share the love! Peace and Blessings!


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