Life’s too short to eat bad chocolate!


Haigh’s Chocolates – Dark Chocolate Speckles

I am a self-confessed chocolate lover and eat some every day – in moderation, of course! My favourite are in the image above, their description on the Haigh’s website states: Buttons of premium dark chocolate topped with natural multi-coloured sugar nonpareils. Now, I think that description describes them perfectly; simple and a touch sweet – just like the speckles themselves! Haigh’s Chocolates are an Australian chocolate company that is based in Adelaide, South Australia. You can read about their history by visiting their website (link provided below):

While you’re there, you could also peruse their delectable selection available online and in-store. I appreciate that not everyone likes chocolate or even dark chocolate as it is sometimes bitter and not as luscious as it’s cousin – milk chocolate but for me, it is also a metaphor for life. Life’s too short not to enjoy – it is a gift many of us take for granted and sometimes we’re too busy surviving to actually LIVE!

We are all guilty of just surviving at times and not really living our lives to the full. This post is a gentle reminder to eat the good chocolate – live your life! Be aware of the gift that you have – spread the love and enjoy! I have shared a quote below that has been attributed to Richard Gere which resonates with me. What could you do to Laugh, Love, Live just that bit more? Peace and blessings!



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