Being a tourist…


I love being a tourist in any country – exploring and having adventures. It makes things so exciting when you are not sure what to expect or what treasures you may find. What I also love is being a tourist in my home city. I never tire of our beautiful harbour and am very appreciative of the beauty and wonder all around – no matter how many times I visit! I feel that just because you may live or visit that city frequently – there is always something new to discover! I feel very grateful to work in such a beautiful city.

For this past week, I’ve been appreciating the beauty around me and seeing the city with appreciative wonder. There are many things that are constantly changing and things that remain the same but yet different at the same time! There are little nuances that pop up according to seasons, celebrations or promotions and it keeps things interesting. In the southern hemisphere, it is approaching our summer and there is a different cruise ship every day docked at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. There have been passengers coming and going everyday creating an even greater buzz at the Overseas Passenger Terminal and the train station!

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I have been enjoying the many sights and surrounds as I take my daily lunchtime walks snapping pictures as I wonder around. Have you looked around your city as though your were a tourist? Have you appreciated what you have around you and what many people travel the world to see? I sometimes wonder if we fully appreciate the fact that we have access to a world tourist site on a regular basis? I urge you to go out and be curious, be adventurous, appreciate what you have and remember that things could always be worse! Laugh, love, live – enjoy the beauty that surrounds you – it is always present if only you take the time to notice! Peace and blessings!




  1. Plectrumm · November 21, 2016

    There’s no way to see it all…everyday should be an adventure 😍

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    • tigre23 · November 21, 2016

      Agreed but if you keep your eyes open and have the spirit of adventure, you will see more than most! Peace and blessings! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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