Hatred Cannot Be Our Answer…

A great message here.


In the early hours of November 9th 2016 Donald Trump won the 2016 Election and become President Elect of the United States of America.

If you are looking for details of that story, you have come to the wrong place; that is not why I am writing this.

I am writing this, for you.

For if you (as I do) think that Donald Trump as President is a Very Bad Idea, then we have work to do.

I know that it is too soon.  That for some of you the shock and disbelief will be too near; but despair is a luxury we cannot afford.

Donald Trump did not win the election by accident.  People voted for him; in vast numbers.  And this day is the darker for it.

If you are angry, I understand.  If you are scared, I understand.  If you cannot believe this is happening, I understand.

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  1. Plectrumm · November 10


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  2. Plectrumm · November 10

    I’ve yet to identify the catastrophic possibilities from this or any election. Mercedes Benz survived tremendous obstacles in Germany to remain a high quality organization?

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    • tigre23 · November 10

      It’s different for everyone what the possibilities or meaning they take from it. Your example of Mercedes Benz highlights the importance that the possibilities will depend on people’s actions post this or any election. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it is these differences that make the world interesting but I feel it shouldn’t be used to divide people. Thanks for stopping by and for your thought provoking comment. Peace and blessings : )

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      • Plectrumm · November 10

        Culture binds and blinds…

        Humans share far more than the minute differences we regularly identify as barriers?

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        • tigre23 · November 10

          Agree with your first statement. Hopeful that your second statement rings true – sometimes human nature can deeply disappoint and at other times give much hope.

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          • Plectrumm · November 10

            I choose to search for the good in my life, and those around me😍

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            • tigre23 · November 10


              It’s been great interaction with you – have a great day. Peace and blessings 🙂

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