I wrote earlier this year a post titled Creative Pursuits where I spoke about using your creativity in all areas of your life and how creative pursuits can be beneficial for you. In that post I mentioned that my daughter had entered a National writing competition through her school. There were two categories – Short Stories and Poems. My daughter was encouraged by her teacher to enter and had entered a short story that she had written. As a result, it was selected in the first round of entries and entered the next round of judging. My daughter was very excited as the finalists and winners would be announced in October. As part of being a nominated entry, she also had the opportunity to have her story published!

My daughter was very excited to receive the book titled ‘Top Secret’ which had her story published along with other nominated entrants, finalists and winners. I’m proud of my daughter and her courage to pursue a creative talent. She put my motto into practice of Laugh, Love, Live! by enjoying the process and taking a chance to enter the writing competition. The finalists and winners were announced a couple of weeks ago which my daughter, nor had any of her classmates were selected as finalists or a place. Although, the creativity and bravery to enter and share their stories makes each one of them a winner in their own right.


The book ‘Top Secret’ containing published poems and short stories

I thanked my daughter’s teacher for encouraging her to enter into the competition and advised that her story had been published. He asked for my daughter to bring the book to school to share it with the class. One of her other classmates also had their story published, along with some other students in other years. The amount of young talent showcased in that book is phenomenal – from primary to high school students across Australia! Maybe it may inspire you to write or pursue a creative talent that you’ve had lying dormant for a little too long – enjoy the journey! Peace and blessings!




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