Discovering something new…


Is there somewhere or something that you haven’t yet discovered or visited that maybe you have been meaning to? Or you don’t have anywhere in mind but would like to go off on an adventure – big or small and see where it leads you? It could be in the same city, country, state or interstate, another suburb/ city or even overseas – the adventure is entirely up to you. I read the quote above and it made me contemplate this idea, which I feel is a great idea and one that helps you to open up your consciousness to more things, experiences, places and feelings. You may learn from going somewhere new – about the place or about yourself.

I reflected on this and thought it was worth doing – whether it be to visit a museum, art gallery, beach, store, cafe, restaurant, park, state, country  or person – just somewhere or discovering something new that we haven’t visited before. I feel were so many options and adventures just waiting to be explored. I thought I’d put it into place with visiting a museum that I have never been to because there was an opportunity to visit 3 museums for free, you could choose to visit either the;

I asked my daughter which museum she would like to visit and she picked the Australian Museum. It was a free event open to the public so the only requirement was to turn up on either designated day to gain free entry during that weekend. On our way to the museum, we passed the war memorial in Hyde Park. This is also someplace we’d never visited so we went in for a quick visit – hoping to return for a longer one.

When we arrived at the Museum, there was a long queue along the street outside the Australian Museum – there were a fair amount of people who were also taking advantage of the free entry. We joined the queue which, luckily was moving quite quickly. We were provided a map of the museum as we got to the front of the line which enabled us to review and decide which floors and exhibits we would visit.

We started our visit with Australia’s 50 greatest explorers exhibit which had a rock-climbing wall, that allowed children to climb from one side to the other. As my daughter loves rock-climbing walls and is quite good at it too, she was eager to have a go – that was the highlight of the explorer exhibit! We continued through the exhibit which ended in the Museum store so we perused some items before heading out, consulting the map to see where we would like to go next.

We walked through the animals exhibit to get to the stairs and walk to the next level. The next exhibit we visited was on another level – Meteorites & Gemstones. It was fascinating to see the various types of gemstones found in Australia and around the world. We also visited the Chapman Mineral Collection and Planet of Minerals. It was the one exhibit my daughter and I were most interested to see and it didn’t disappoint.

After the minerals exhibit, we realised we had been walking around for 2 hours and my daughter was feeling a little hungry. We had bought snacks and water but nothing substantial for lunch so we decided to visit the rooftop cafe. The view from the rooftop was great and so was the food. We were pleasantly surprised that table service was provided so we were able to sit and enjoy the view while waiting for our food.

After some nourishment,  we headed off to visit the Dinosaurs exhibit, albeit briefly as it was on the way to the Birds & Insects exhibit. It was amazing to see the many varieties of one species of bird, as well as the many types of bird species and the relative sizes of them comparatively. My daughter loves butterflies – her favourite is the Ulysses butterfly. We have been to the butterfly exhibit in Melbourne zoo where we were able to enjoy seeing live butterflies but this was also amazing in the sense to see them up close, view the many types of butterflies and the size of the moths! Some of them were the size of small birds and we said that if any of those moths came flying at us, it would definitely startle us!

After the birds and insects exhibit, we decided it was time to call it a day! Even though we didn’t see every exhibit, we enjoyed the ones that we did visit. Our legs were pretty sore as we realised we had been walking around for about 3-4 hours! We definitely Laughed, loved and lived on this adventure! It made me realise that sometimes living in such a great city, we may take the wonderful places that are available to visit for granted. We may think, we’ll visit them one day and that day never seems to arrive – we may think we have plenty of time to do all the things we want to do and I didn’t want to run out of time – so, I realised that there’s no better time than the present. We visited someplace we’d never been before, it is definitely something we’ll continue – where will your next adventure be?






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