Le repas

It was a Saturday evening and we were hungry but these were the odds stacked against us:

  • it was a busy Saturday night
  • during a long weekend
  • the Vivid Sydney festival was on

and we hadn’t made any dinner reservations! Against those odds, we went searching for a place to have dinner perchance that the venue was not fully booked! We decided to head over to King Street wharf which is a waterfront location and quite a popular destination for locals and tourists alike! In hindsight, it was probably not a good bet since we didn’t make any reservations!

My daughter said she felt like pizza so we thought we’d try our luck at an Italian restaurant but they were only taking customers who had bookings. There were people in front of us who were hoping to do the same thing as us but were turned away, so we also retreated. We tried a Chinese restaurant but they advised that they were fully booked. By now our hunger was getting the better of us and as we passed a Teppenyaki restaurant, we walked in not knowing what to expect and hoping they weren’t fully booked either.

When we enquired, there was also a man who had walked in prior to us asking to be seated. The concierge said she would check and return soon. We waited in the warm reception area hoping our luck might change. When she returned, she said that we were in luck and there were four seats available so she could fit us all in – we were so relieved! The restaurant we had walked into was Wharf Teppenyaki. It was far from the pizza my daughter said that she felt like eating!


We were seated at the teppenyaki grill which was already crowded with other diners enjoying various teppenyaki dishes. It was fun to watch the chefs cooking and serving the food right before us and it had the added benefit of warmth from the heat of the grill! We enjoy Japanese food and have only eaten teppenyaki one other time, which was before my daughter was born so it was nice to experience it with her this time.

When our chef arrived, as with the other chefs who cooked for the other diners, he introduced himself to us and apologised for the delay. It was a busy night and we did have quite a long wait for our food, even though we had ordered a lovely salmon sashimi as an entree – we were quite famished! The chef started the grill, lighting it up with spectacular flames as he began cooking. It was a performance as well as a meal!

The food was beautifully cooked and tasted delicious – well worth the wait! We opted for Barramundi with assorted vegetables and Atlantic Salmon with garlic rice to share between the three of us. I’m not a big fan of mushrooms but the flavour of the mushrooms cooked on the grill was amazing – I could have had a plateful! Especially since the assorted vegetables only contained 2 mushrooms and a piece of grilled zucchini & pumpkin – not an overly generous serving but delicious! It was a spontaneous decision and turned out to be a delicious meal – a great way to laugh, love,live!


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