Cathedral of light!

This was our second trip to see the displays for Vivid Sydney this year – this time to walk through displays along Circular Quay up to the Sydney Opera House and the Royal Botanical Gardens. We arrived early and first went for a walk along Circular Quay to Campbell’s Cove up until under the Harbour Bridge. We watched as the sun set behind the Harbour Bridge, reflecting on the Sydney Opera House. Even though it is not a sight unseen, we find it a beautiful sight to behold!

After taking in the sunset and before it became dark, we started ambling along the foreshore towards the Sydney Opera House. When we arrived in front of the Opera House, we came across some displays called Sound Cells. There were three different Sound Cells which were mimicking the acoustics in the Opera House – crystal clear sound, while projecting images onto the pavement below. It was a novelty to experience!

From there we continued along to the Royal Botanical Gardens – from our last visit, we saw the light displays as we were returning from Taronga Zoo but didn’t have time to explore them. This time, we arrived early to be at the gardens just as it became dark and as the lights were turned on – it created a magical atmosphere which the crowd, including us, all exclaimed “wow’! Adults and children alike all surprised by the wonder of fairy lights!

There was a display called the ‘Cathedral of Light’ which was a large display of small floral fairy lights that lit up and formed a beautiful archway in which to walk through. This is what we had wanted to experience for ourselves and were glad we did. From there we continued walking into the gardens to see what else we might discover. This year, the Royal Botanical Gardens is also celebrating it’s bicentenary – 200 years since the gardens were opened. There were lovely light projections onto trees, laser lights and ‘willow the wisps’ underneath a large fig tree which, unfortunately for us was not working as well as it should but we did get to see the effect via a photograph found on another social media application. It gave us a fresh perspective seeing the gardens at night – alight with Vivid displays! As we walked back towards Circular Quay in search of a place to eat dinner, we saw more wonderful light installations before our hunger got the better of us! We were grateful to enjoy another night of Vivid – to Laugh, love live!

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