I love food, all types of food and am eager to learn how to cook different types of food from the very simple – homemade chips, pies and sausage rolls to more complex – gnocchi, spring rolls and, Pho (Vietnamese beef or chicken rice noodle soup). I realised I haven’t written a post on food as yet so I though it was time I did. I enjoy cooking and baking, then sharing the food I’ve made with my friends and loved ones. I’m sure other food lovers feel the same way. I am partial to Vietnamese food and most Asian food (Malaysian, Japanese, Thai & Indian to name a few!) but also love Lebanese, Italian and French cuisine. I am also a chocolate addict and enjoy chocolate everyday (partial to dark chocolate, in particular)! My youngest sister said to me that she doesn’t ask if I have any chocolate in the house – it’s more what chocolate do I have! As with everything though, it is eaten in moderation.

I enjoy learning how to make a dish that I have tried and loved which my family also loves, so that I can cook it for them at home. An example of this is Butter Chicken because my daughter loves this dish! I was lucky to be given a great recipe from someone I worked with which I have made often, to my family’s delight. I found that it is quite easy and takes little time to make from scratch. I have also made gnocchi with fresh tomato and basil sauce which is so much nicer when made fresh. I enjoy making most dishes from scratch either from learning from my mum’s repertoire, using a recipe or just using ingredients that I know my family love as I feel that food tastes better home made and you are able to alter any recipe to your taste. Home made food may take a little more time but the love that goes into the dish and rewards from eating it far outweigh the preparation and cooking time. As a mum, I cook often and find that it takes less time each time I make a particular dish as I find ways to make the preparation more streamlined. I love trying new things and making the dish at home so my family can enjoy it more often. It also adds to the variety of dishes we can enjoy at home.


Late last year, I showed some friends how to make Vietnamese spring rolls with vermicelli noodles. It was fun to show how the dish was made with all the various ingredients and components of the dish. I had my friends help roll the spring rolls so they were involved in the preparation. After completing all the components of the dish, we sat and ate the meal together for lunch which was so much fun! I enjoy sharing a meal with friends and family  especially when they have been involved in the preparation as they are able to taste the fruits of their labour! I have shared many recipes with friends and family as I enjoy sharing the ‘love’ regarding any dish that I feel is to good to have all to myself!

I thought I’d share with you some photos of different dishes I have made which were shared with family and friends – they may not look restaurant quality but the taste more than makes up for their appearance – I hope they give nourishment to the eyes as well as to the body!

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