I am, you are, we are Australian….


Those of you who are fans of the Logies (Australian TV awards nominated by the public) would have been very familiar with the controversy of the Gold logie nominations. I’m not usually interested in the Logies but because of all the media attention, it came into my sphere of reference this year. I feel that this should not have been such a ‘big’ thing in modern Australian society given that the Australian population is a mixture of race and culture from many different countries & continents, for example:

  •  Asia – Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Laos, Indian, Pakistan, Sri-Lankan, Malaysian
  • Europe – Greek, Italian, Maltese, Portuguese, French
  • Middle East – Lebanese, Egyptian, Iranian, Turkish
  • Africa – Sudanese, Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopian – just to name a few!

I think that it’s great that ethnic Australians are being recognised for their contribution in this country and hopefully it becomes more apparent in other industries too. I was reading an article written by Sunil Badami in the Guardian and have included a link to the article here:


I found that his article raised some poignant points and it seems that here in Australia, it seems we still have a long way to go. He states that “If I’m excited by the prospect of greater diversity in the media, it’s because I hope that young Australians can feel less defined by their ethnicity”. It seems to be that maybe this is the first year the Logies became relevant…to me and maybe to many other Australians who have an ethnic background and may feel this is long overdue. I found the message in the closing sentence of the article quite poignant: “I’m not Waleed, any more than he’s Mustafa or Dimitri or anyone else. But as the old song goes, I am, you are – (he is) – we are Australian.” Maybe the point is that we should stop putting labels on ourselves and others?




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