Laugh, love, live!

I’ve decided that my life motto is Laugh, Love, Live! There are many reasons to do all three or just one at a time. I have listed a few here but by no means is this a complete list and I find that I add to it each day. I hope you are also making the conscious decision to ‘live’ your lives – be passionate, be bold, be introspective – be yourself! Because, in the words of Oscar Wilde:  “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”


I laugh:

at silly jokes

when remembering a fun/ happy moment

because of sentimental reasons

with family, friends, colleagues

just because

when hearing/ seeing something funny

when reading a funny book

when watching something funny

when watching children interact

at smart humour and silly humour

at family gatherings

at special ocassions

I love:

my husband

my daughter

my family

my sisters

my mum

my relatives (most of the time! Laughing again)

certain celebrities – for their talent, looks, charitable works, humour


dark chocolate (as I heard from a Hawaiian hunk at a Luau – the darker the chocolate, the richer the taste!)


quite moments


alone time


special moments

shared moments



sunny days


the beach

cooking for family and friends

sharing a meal with loved ones



I live:

and enjoy what I have

and am grateful for what I have

to make my life better

to give back wherever I can

to enjoy helping others

to guide and teach my daughter

to travel

to laugh

to love

because I am lucky

to educate others



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