Easter break…

This Easter, we were fortunate to be able to visit my Aunty in Bonbeach, Victoria. Bonbeach is south of Melbourne, along the Victoria coastline which has a lovely relaxed atmosphere. I had mixed feelings before going down as it has been nearly a year since a return visit because the last time we were here was for a less happy occasion – my Uncle’s funeral. It turned out to be a nice, relaxing break and we enjoyed spending time with My Aunty. I felt like my Uncle was with us in spirit during our stay and it was comforting.

happy easter

We were also able to catch up with some friends who also live in Victoria. It was lovely to see them again as we realised it has been two years since we saw them last. It was lovely to reconnect with friends and enjoy the beautiful place that Bonbeach is. The weather was quite mild and even though there was a light sprinkle for a few minutes on Saturday afternoon, it didn’t rain.

We enjoyed walks to the park, beach, eating out and in, as well as relaxing with my Aunty. It felt lovely to have a break in routine as I find it refreshes you and the long weekend is the perfect time to do so without having to worry about taking time off work or school. We enjoyed the short break and enjoyed the beautiful surrounds while we were there.

While walking along the beach with our friends, we encountered a few discoveries – some sad and some very interesting. The sad find was a deceased fairy penguin, the interesting find were three extra large egg-shaped seed pods.  My daughter waded out with my friend’s husband to check if the penguin had been tagged so it could be reported but found there wasn’t a tag. My daughter and friend said that the penguin had an injury to it’s face and we wondered if it had maybe been hit by the propeller of a boat. We also saw various starfish, fish, jellyfish and found a large clam shell. We left two of the pods for safe keeping with my Aunty. My friend’s husband was determined to bring one home and plant it to see if anything would sprout…we joked that maybe a Tyrannosaurus may hatch as my daughter thought they looked like dinosaur eggs!

Coming back home, we feel ready for the routine of school, work, domestics and extra-curricular activities once again..until our next break! We feel very fortunate to be able to have a brief escape and see family and friends at the same time.  I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend, enjoying some quality time with friends, family or on their own.


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