Remnants of Summer

In the Southern hemisphere where we live, summer has ended and autumn has just begun – not that you would think so based on the temperatures we’ve had for the beginning of March! It has been 30 – 35 degrees Celsius and in some parts of the country heading towards 40 degrees for the last week – the most consistent warm weather we’ve had so far and the forecast is that it is set to continue into mid next week. We should be wearing more layers with the onset of cooler air but we’re still wearing our summer essentials of singlets and shorts at every opportunity! Even though we have officially started autumn, it feels as though we are experiencing the remnants of summer.


Not that I am complaining, as it is my favourite season of the year. My family love going to the beach in summer and it is one of our favourite places that we enjoy. Even though every time we drive to the beach, it is a long, but pleasurable drive – as soon as we near the beach and catch those first glimpses of the ocean waves – the beautiful aqua blue of the water and the white foam of the waves, we always exclaim “Wow!”. I feel we are so lucky to live in a country that has one of the most beautiful coastlines and beaches to enjoy. It’s something that we never tire of and are very grateful for.

We make our way down to the beach, often doing the hot sand dance as we find a spot near the surf lifesaver’s van, close to the red and yellow flags. Being able to run into the surf diving under a wave, you really feel the magnificent power of the ocean as the waves curl, crash and bubble over you – nature’s washing machine! The sea is so refreshing, it feels cleansing and refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

Even though we do have further to travel than others, we enjoy the drive as it would take just as long to get to city beaches which are closer but the traffic impinges on your time and the beaches are a lot more crowded. We prefer to get away for the day or even the afternoon as the reward more than exceeds the distance. As the summer is coming to an end, and the season will begin to morph more into autumn – which is also a wonderful time of year with cooler mornings and evenings with warm days. I’ll always be partial to summer, it’s a time of year that our family enjoys most as we get outdoors more often and enjoy the beauty of the sun, sand and surf! We’re enjoying the remaining remnants of summer, grateful for the opportunity to prolong our beach trips and time together.

Some people may not enjoy the heat but I thrive in it. Granted, there can be very warm nights where it is difficult to get a good night’s rest but other than that, I find no other complaint. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea and not everyone enjoys the sweltering heat and humidity but I feel there could be worse things to complain about. Enjoying the remnants of summer and all that it brings….







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