For the last 5 summers, our family has been fortunate to be able to have quick getaways where we travel up to The Entrance on the Central Coast which is about a one and a half hours’ drive away from where we live. The first time we decided to do it was a last minute decision for 4 days where we found accommodation at a motel. My daughter was 4 years old and my step son was 14 years old.


It was the best decision we made for the summer, we got to get away and relax. We were able to stay somewhere that had air conditioning as we didn’t have air conditioning where we lived at that time. We are also avid beach goers so we enjoy being close to the beach where we can swim at either the Lake, Ocean pools or various beaches within the vicinity. We also have been able to enjoy fishing at the Lake. There are also many other things to do which we have enjoyed at various times.

Some of the things we’ve been lucky to experience over the years:

We’ve been very fortunate to be able to stay at various places for either a short getaway to longer stays. Whenever we arrive at our destination, we instantly feel relaxed and forget the daily routine and focus on having a good time – rain or shine! There are plenty of things we’ve discovered to keep us occupied or we can choose to just chillax and spend time together at the apartment. Depending on where we are staying, we are also able to benefit from the complex amenities – pool, tennis court, or games room. We like to discover something new each time we visit, little adventures that we share together.

We feel that we also contribute to the beachside community by purchasing food and groceries when staying in the area, dining out occasionally, and purchasing produce and goods from the markets. We enjoy the family friendly vibe of the area and never tire of the views, the fresh ocean breeze and the family time when we are there. It creates memories of summer for us each year that we all enjoy sharing.

My step son being a young adult now, so for the last 2 years, he tends to come up to visit for a day and return back home. This year he brought his girlfriend along who he has been seeing for the last 2 years – which may also contribute to his day visits! It is always lovely to spend some quality family time away from the routine of every day. This year I was going to make a conscious effort to disconnect from digital/ social media. Little did I know it was going to be forced through no other reason than because I accidentally dropped my mobile phone which was in a small pouch, into the washing machine!

It was nice not to have the temptation of distraction but I like to take photos for memories of our time together on my phone, of which I had already taken and were now on my defunct phone . It made me realise that we rely a lot on our mobile phones for a lot of things now other than to make and receive calls. I made a conscious decision not to get too upset over it and walked out to join my family who had gone out before me to start fishing. It was a lovely afternoon and we had my husband’s phone to take photos instead which came in handy as my daughter caught a fish! It was too small to keep so after the photo, it was released.

Being disconnected at times to get away from everything and be more present with your family is a good thing. It’s probably something that we should practice on a regular basis as too many people are glued to their mobile phones and have panic attacks if their battery power is low or they don’t have reception. In the end, things happen without your knowledge or anyone else’s and there is no need to always be digitally present, just present – with our family, friends, loved ones or ourselves. Maybe this is a good thing.

family time is sacred time






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