Our Stories….

I recently had a very interesting conversation with one of my friend’s father. His youngest daughter had just married a Vietnamese man and had a Buddhist ceremony which he was showing me a photo of. He had asked me what my background was and once he found out, hence why he mentioned his daughter and showed me the photo. Of course, I was aware of his daughter’s marriage being the younger sister of my friend as she was in the bridal party and we heard about details concerning the impending wedding. It was nice to see the photo and the meshing of different cultures as their background includes a mix of Irish, English and Scottish nationalities to name a few.

As the conversation went on, he asked if I was born in Australia and I answered that I was not but came here when I was very young – one and half years old to be exact. So I grew up and had my education in Australia, hence no accent but my name is not westernised so I’ve had my fair share of assumptions and mispronunciations – not always positive!

My friend’s father was very interested in my story and how my parents and I came to be in Australia. I proceeded to give a summary of what I had been told by my Mother when I was a child but never gave much thought to it with me being young, other than interest in a few details here and there. My friend’s father though, was very interested and insisted that I should record the story and document it for my daughter as it is part of her story too. He said that next time he sees me he will check to see how I’m progressing as he will be interested to hear some details of the story. This will keep me accountable so I’ll be glad for the check ins!

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Now that I am older and have my own family, I have often thought that I should do this. I feel it is important to be familiar with your own family history – I am always interested in other people and never thought my story or should I say my Mother’s story was worth documenting but on the insistence of my friend’s father, it has sparked a new interest and new project. My Aunty had also mentioned to me previously that my Mother’s story should be written down and I never gave it much thought until now.

So, thanks to my friend’s father’s insistence and suggestions – as a result I will start documenting our story and see how it all pans out. I hope I will be able to capture it well and do my mother’s story justice. It will be a learning adventure in itself as I revisit these stories, emotions and feelings. I hope you also realise or remember that your story is worth investigating. I feel everyone has a story which provides you with some insight to that person. Will you also find out your story?

your story


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