Busy time of year for some…

It’s been a busy time of year for me, not just because of Christmas but also because there are birthdays to celebrate every week in December for both family and friends. Sometimes 2-3 in each week! It is lovely to be able to share good wishes and spend time with family and friends at this time of year and it saddens me to think of those who don’t have the privilege to spend it with someone special or some special people.

One of my sisters posted a funny meme on Facebook about people who have birthdays in December who get a ‘double’ present rolled into one. The fact being that if your birthday was any other month, you would have people remembering and celebrating your birthday separate from Christmas. It was quite amusing and I could see the humour in the frustration for anyone who has a birthday in December. For my immediate family there are 6 birthdays celebrated in December for various family members ranging from sisters to Grandmother.

chritmas_birthday pesent

Because of this then, we like to have separate celebrations to keep the birthday special for that person. I feel it is nice to celebrate birthdays of family members and loved ones regardless of the month. I also have a close friend whose birthday is also in December, as well as my daughter’s close friend. So we have a lot of celebrating to do in December in addition to Christmas. One of my friend’s daughter’s birthday is December 24th so you can see the conundrum there!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas with family, friends and loved ones or at least has been able to spend it peacefully and in a manner of their choosing. I also wish everyone who has had a birthday in December a very happy birthday and hope they were made to feel special and loved!

Birthday and christmas




  1. Literallyemilyslife · December 29, 2015

    I hope you had a brilliant Christmas as well.


    • tigre23 · December 29, 2015

      Thank you, yes I did – hope you did too!


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