Best wishes

best wishes

This year has flown by yet again and we’re at the start of the end of another year! I hope that everyone is able to share the festive season with some special people even if you do not celebrate Christmas in December or at all, I hope everyone has someone to share some food, love and time with at this time of year. Whether it is family, friends, strangers who become friends, I feel it is nice to be able to share with others no matter how little as it is usually much appreciated.

A lot of us get caught up with shopping for gifts and forget the joy of this time of year. I am also aware that it may not be so joyful for some due to personal, family or a sad event that may has happened or is happening in their life. For those people, I hope they have love, caring and support around them.

For others, it is a busy yet joyful time if the joy has been forgotten – just take a moment and be grateful that for the people we care about in our lives that we are able to share our love, food and gifts with. Some people are not so lucky and sometimes remembering this helps us to realise that our problems may not be so big after all.

So, best wishes to everyone who is celebrating something this month whether it be Advent & Christmas, Bodhi day – Day of enlightenment, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa – whatever it may be. I hope it is filled with love, best wishes, warmth and happiness.


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