Je suis Calme…I am calm

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts (titled Learning Adventures) that I was brushing up on my high school French using a free website/ app that I had found. So far it has been great, I’m now 11% fluent in French! Je suis calme is just one of the phrases I enjoy hearing and saying as a result of my foray into relearning French. I don’t know why but I just like the sound of it!

French fluency


Progress displayed on Home page in Doulingo


By doing this, it has helped me to remember what I learnt in high school and what other words and phrases I seem to have picked up over the years. I find the activities fun, challenging and enables auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning as it has audio, visual and translation exercises. These are where you type in text – translating it into either French or English depending on what the exercise requires. There are also times where you need to repeat a phrase that you have heard so you are speaking the words aloud into the microphone to ensure you get the pronunciation correct.

There are also practice exercises you can do in addition to the ‘lessons’ to strengthen and review your ‘lessons’. It has been a fun learning experience for me and I am hoping to be able to read and understand an article or read French text which this website also provides you with the opportunity to do.  I’m discovering new things and enjoying this learning adventure immensely and also enjoy seeing my level of progress increase. However slow it may be but I’m glad it is progressing. Have you started a learning adventure?

learning adventure




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