Gumnut babies

There is an Australian classic, a story of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie who are gumnut babies and the adventures they have together which is written by the author May Gibbs. She wrote this story using Australian flora and fauna as her characters and for the setting. It is a wonderful collection of stories and is a favourite of mine which I have passed onto my daughter. You might like to check out the adventures of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie if you are not familiar with the tales.


My daughter joined a new dance school this year as she loves ballet and has loved it since she was 2 years of age. Mind you, I didn’t enrol her into ballet lessons until she was 7 years old because at loving something at 2 years old can change as the years go on – much like her love of the Wiggles. We bought her the DVD’s took her to 2 concerts and this was back when it was the original cast who were once a band called The Cockroaches – Greg, Murray, Jeff & Anthony. Anthony Field seems to get better looking with age…but I digress. Well, my daughter grew out of her love for the Wiggles, but not for ballet.

My daughter’s ballet class performed their interpretation of the classic story of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie for their annual concert. My daughter was chosen for a small solo as Little Obelia, Queen of the pearls. As excited as we were as parents that she was chosen for a solo, we were not looking forward to the myriad dress rehearsals, time and cost related to dance concerts. My daughter was very excited and loved her costume – a sparkly tutu and tiara. Most little girls love sparkles and a tiaras – not all, but most. What’s not to love about sparkles and a tiara?

little obelia

On the day of the concert, we received the programme. The concert was divided into two acts and her ballet performance was listed as the 4th last for Act One and then she had to stay for the finale in Act Two. My husband was lamenting the duration and asked – do I have to stay? I answered firmly ‘yes’. Previous experience at a different school was not as pleasant, lengthy in duration where my daughter also only had one performance and finale.

This year, we were pleasantly surprised. The school was celebrating 30 years teaching dance which is a fantastic feat in itself and also 15 years at the wonderful venue – a local theatre to host their concert in. From the opening act until the end of Act one, we were entertained and found that we looked forward to seeing each performance. When my daughter’s ballet performance came on, it was such a joy to watch. All the performances and all students were absolutely fantastic. Seeing it all come together with music, singing, costumes, dance, lighting and props was amazing.

When it was all over, I asked my daughter if she had fun and she vehemently relied ‘yes!’. I also asked if she’d like to do it all again which I was dreading a positive reply but after seeing how much fun my daughter had, I realised that it is about her passion and her love of dance that I enjoy watching. I needed to change my mindset to support her and her passion. Also, be reminded of the fun and love she has for ballet and to support that. Every day we learn something new – whether it is something about ourselves, a new skill, a new hobby – anything. It’s all about learning and growth. I am looking forward to next year’s concert!






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