Time Out

One of my last posts was about being in a funk, I think I am out of that funk now. For that I am glad and have decided that I need some time out – from work and the stress associated with it. I am still ‘working’ regarding my domestic and family life but I feel a need a break from paid employment. Sometimes you need to check out for a while to be ready and eager for the next challenge.

Everybody needs a time out throughout their lives – not just children! The need for them will occur at different times for each person – there is no right or wrong time to take a time out. I feel that if it feels right for you at that time, then by all means take a break. How long in duration, how you would like to spend the time out is also entirely up to the individual. Each to their own, as the saying goes – the best way to spend that time is best decided by the individual. This can differ depending on what type of ‘time out’ is required to refresh and recharge. Sometimes the best time out is to have nothing planned at all and be spontaneous. Life’s too short, life is a journey and we are in the driver’s seat. We decide what type of journey and adventures we’ll have – what will be your next adventure?

Time out

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